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Randy, you did an amazing job on my bike.  It rides better than new.  Saturday I went to white ranch park and on Sunday I rode Dakota ridge.  It's shifting is smooth and the wheels spin with little resistance, I think I can even coast up hill.
Thanks a lot , 
Sean Pigott

An unbelievable ride.   Did some climbing yesterday and it was incredibly responsive and light.  Today just went out for a flat roller ride out to CC Park and it was amazing.   I didn't want to go Slow!
Jonathan Steeler

Had a great late season long ride today = Chenango loop.
Love the SL1 = what a GREAT BIKE.  Nothing like it!  The entire package is the real deal. 
Thanks for Getting me into this Bike!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Miller

Hi Randy,
Just a quick note to thank you for the amazing job you did on my bike.  It looks new, but better yet, it rides better than it did when I picked my custom Stevens up two years ago.  Great work! 
Thanks, Dan Reilley

Hello, Yes I did finish Ride the Rockies (412 miles) with no bike problems. I just have a sore butt! The bike performed on pavement, dirt (cotton wood pass), rain, cold, and especially the climbs - Flawlessly.  It was a very physical experience, but I won't be doing it again.
Thank you for making my experience perfect, Mike

Randy, Thanks again for coming to my rescue on Bike to Work day (Wed. 6-22), on the bike path along Alameda Ave.  I was the chap with the back wheel mishap.  I greatly appreciate your help and caring attitude. 
Best Regards, Dan Watkins

Thank you again for the bike, I actually got to ride it yesterday!!!  :).  Ok, Ok it is faster and much easier to get up the hills. :) Totally excited to ride it Sunday!  Can't wait for my fast race on it!
Thank you again, Krista H.

The race went great. Krista tore up the bike portion and now admits "you and Randy were right" that the bike (especially this one) does make a difference. She told me to tell you that she is "Loving it". 
  I came in 6th.  Brought time down by 3 minutes from last year all on bike! 
Thanks for getting me into my bike and taking such good care of us, David Harman

Hey Randy;
This is Alex - the guy that asked you for some help near Wash Park a couple weeks ago.  Anyway I wanted to let you know that I totally cleaned out the Ergo shift levers with a degreaser and then rinsed them with hot water to get all the gunk out of them.  After they were dry, I put some lite lube on them like you had recommended and they do not stick anymore!  Thanks for the Tip!! 
At some point I'd like to talk to you about a new wheel-set and a full overhaul.
BTW, I was very impressed with your mobile bicycle shop - it was very well stocked and SO clean.  You do so much more than I previously thought when I looked at the mobile aspect.  It was Very Cool!
See you around, Alex

Dale & Randy.....
Dale thank you for the referral to Randy (Mobile Cyclery).
The new sprocket he put on works great!!!  I have enough power that I can pedal up hills....  well, small ones. 

Randy, I really appreciate the time you spent with me on the pedals and fitting!  It was a shame we had to go back to the old pedals, but the prosthesis on the right leg doesn't allow me to push into the toe-hold.

Maybe, in the future with a different prosthesis it will work for me....It was worth the try!
Thank you both for your interest and help on my new adventure.  It is wonderful to feel the wind on my face again and to get out for some fresh air.  I'm not a house plant at heart!     
Thanks again, Diana M. Barbour



Denver Post:
Bicycle repair service peddled door-to-door

By Daisy Whitney

Randy Wittmer makes house calls - to bicycles.
He runs Any and All Bikes from the back of a big yellow truck where he sells and repairs bicycles and bike components.  Business has grown steadily since he hit the road in 1996.
"In this day and age when everyone is so busy with children and other commitments, this is the cat's meow," said Mike Miller, owner of the Handlebar and Grill in Denver. "He drives up to your door. You get your bikes worked on and he drives off."  
Wittmer charges $39.95 (at that time) for a tune-up, which typically takes two hours.
When he started in 1996, 70 percent of his revenue was generated from repair and 30 percent from sales. Those numbers have since flip-flopped.  Wittmer sells plenty of entry-level bikes, but he also caters to racers and performance riders who spend more money.  "They have the trust with me because I'm not 18, I have a little white hair (at that Time), I ride  $7,000 - $9000 bikes, I work with Handlebar and Grill Racing Team and I've ridden with people like Lance Armstrong (at Ride the Roses, Armstrong's charity event)," he said.
Wittmer works closely with the Handlebar and Grill and Cherry Creek's The Sporting Woman (which sells Ladies athletic wear). 
Wittmer invested $30,000 in the business in 1996 and saw his revenue grow from $40,000 that year to $100,000 last year, he said. 
In the early '90s, Wittmer sold tools to local machine shops, including several that made bike parts.
  One such customer paid him to race (Down Hill racing), if he would set up a booth in the pits and service or install parts for other racers at events.  That experience helped him acquire knowledge of biking, a customer base and the interest to set out on his own as a bike retailer. 
He purchased his truck from its first owner, Donald O'Connor, who now operates two other Any and All Bikes truck shops in the area. 
Dan French owns a fourth Any and All Bikes shop.
  All serve different areas of metro Denver. Although they bear the same name, the trucks exist as separate businesses with distinct niches. 
"Don does more in used bikes, where Randy's customers are more elite cyclists and mine being more family or middle of the road," French said.

Mobile bike shops are not common, said Fred Clements, executive director of the National Bicycle Dealers Association in Costa Mesa, Calif. He estimated fewer than 100 exist around the United States, with Randy's truck/business being the largest - not only in physical size but also in inventory.